Clearly I haven’t been keeping up with this website.

The newest stuff I’ve put up online is going on danboyd.tumblr.com.

I’ve also put stuff up on my flikr from time to time.

Abandoned Barbarian

Abandoned Barbarian by Mr. Boyd
Abandoned Barbarian, a photo by Mr. Boyd on Flickr.

Parts of an abandoned barbarian/viking sketch that I couldn’t get to work. I cropped out the parts I didn’t care for.


img394color by Mr. Boyd
img394color, a photo by Mr. Boyd on Flickr.

A drawing from my sketchbook that I decided to color. Based on a Brigitte Bardot picture. I wanted to try out a light pencil effect for the hair, and contrast that with basic lineart and color for the rest of the image.

Abstract 3

Abstract 3 by Mr. Boyd
Abstract 3, a photo by Mr. Boyd on Flickr.

Third in a series of abstracts from my sketchbook.

Little Boxes

Little Boxes by Mr. Boyd
Little Boxes, a photo by Mr. Boyd on Flickr.

Abstract pencil drawing from my sketchbook.


Untitled by Mr. Boyd
Untitled, a photo by Mr. Boyd on Flickr.

An abstract drawing from my sketchbook.

Gulfport Casino

Gulfport Casino by Mr. Boyd
Gulfport Casino, a photo by Mr. Boyd on Flickr.

One of my favorite buildings in St. Pete, the Gulfport Casino.

Sketchbook Character

One Bad Dude by Mr. Boyd
One Bad Dude, a photo by Mr. Boyd on Flickr.

A little character designing from my sketchbook.

Homage to Jiro Taniguchi

Jiro Taniguchi is one of my favorite cartoonists. This is an homage to a drawing of his from his Ice Wanderer short story collection.
Jiro Taniguchi Homage

At The End of the Battle

Finally. This short story took a lot longer than I thought it would, although Accounting school didn’t help. This one was a lot of fun and I learned a ton. I really like how it turned out, hopefully you will feel the same. Head’s up: This one is probably not for kids.


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